Friday the 22nd of February saw Tony Foulds,82, achieve his life long dream to have a flypast for the crew of  Mi Amigo a B-17 Flying Fortress which crash just feet away from Tony while he was playing with friends in the park as a child killing all 10 crew on board. Thousands have gathered in the park to watch the US air force stage a flypast to commemorate that crew and to ensure their memories are never forgotten.

Ever Since learning the aircraft had been attempting a crash landing in the park but diverted course for fear of harming Foulds and his friends he has quietly tended to a memorial for the US airmen who sacrificed their lives to save his.

People traveled from around the world for the flypast, including military veterans and family members of the aircrew who were killed on the B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft, known as Mi Amigo.

On Friday, British and US military aircraft departed from RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall in Suffolk and RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, before flying over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield at 8.45am honoring the ultimate sacrifice these brave airmen made.

The Aircraft which took part in the flypast are as follows – 

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota – ZA947
CV-22 Osprey – KNIFE71 11-0059
MC-130 – STRIX01 11-5731
KC-135 Tanker – QID11 57-1493
2x Royal Air Force Typhoons – APOLLO ZK367 , ZK339
4x F-15 Strike Eagle – 92-0364, 01-2004, 00-3002 and 00-3003 

We caught up with the crews at RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall prior to the flypast over Sheffield to get their thoughts on this historic day- 

The Mi Amigo flew over the Sheffield park 75 years ago, having returned from a final mission in Denmark, where the Luftwaffe left it badly damaged. The 10 crew on board were:

  • Pilot Lt John Kriegshauser, from Missouri
  • Co-pilot 2nd Lt Lyle Curtis, from Idaho
  • 2nd Lt John Humphrey, a navigator from Illinois
  • 2nd Lt  Melchor Hernandez, a bombardier from California
  • Sgt Harry Estabrooks, an engineer and gunner from Kansas
  • Sgt Charles Tuttle, gunner from Kentucky
  • Sgt Robert Mayfield, radio operator from Illinois
  • Sgt Vito Ambrosio, gunner from New York
  • Sgt Malcolm Williams, gunner from Oklahoma
  • Sgt Maurice Robbins, gunner from Texas 

To commemorate the crew lost on Mi Amigo Four RAF Lakenheath F-15E’s have received special nose work with the names of the crew on each aircraft these aircraft are 92-0364, 01-2004, 00-3002 and 00-3003

Article by Kurt Fairhurst Assisted by Paul Atkin with special thanks to US Air Force Lakenheath and Mildenhall