Starting her life in Royal Air Force service back in 1956 as a Mark F.4 registration XF947 she was Part of the first production batch of F.4s and was initially delivered to No.5 Maintenance Unit at Kemble in Gloucestershire before entering active service with No.3 Fighter Squadron at RAF Geilenkirchen, Germany, as part of 2 Allied Tactical Air Force. After a short period of time she was re-allocated to 229 Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Chivenor in Devon. After XF947’s career with the Royal Air Force was over owner ship was transferred to the Fleet Air Arm at Arbroath (HMS Condor) as a Ground Instructional Airframe before being classed surplus to requirements and placed up for disposal however she was saved and purchased by by Hawker Siddeley Aviation in 1971 as G-9-317 for conversion to a Mk58A as part of a contract for the Swiss Air Force. Reregistered as J-4104 she entered service with the Swiss Air Force on the 2nd of February 1972 where she then spent most of her remaining military career as target tug before being retired in 1996 and was sold to a private owner and transported to British Aerospace at Dunsfold, Surrey with a total of just 1659 hours on the air frame just a year after in 1997 she was acquired by Jonathon Whaley’s company, Heritage Aviation Developments Ltd and registered as G-PSST and moved to Hurn Airport near Bournemouth to undergo restoration by Jet Heritage Ltd. Restoration was completed in mid-’98 it was shortly after this she was repainted into her stunning unique paint scheme we have all come to know and love.

Owner / Pilot Profile

Name – Jonathon Whaley
Nickname – Flapjack – “I utilised an “enthusiastic” approach to combat flying and it soon led to trouble when my use of landing flap
in the tight corners of ACM (air combat manoeuvres or dogfighting) resulted in over-stressing two sets of Sea Vixen flaps. Apart from
gaining me the nick name “FLAPS”, my then Commanding Officer, the late “Dusty” Milner, ensured that I became an expert on the installation and mechanical operation of the Sea Vixen Flap system!”

Joining the Royal Navy in 1965 at the age of 17 Jonathon began his flying training on De Havilland tiger moths at Dartmouth before moving to RAF Linton-On-Ouse for initial flying training on the Jet Provost before progressing to advanced flying training on the Hawker Hunter at RNAS Brawdy and where he found his love for the aircraft. One he had completed his training Jonathon moved to RNAS Yeovilton where he began operational conversion training and began flying the Sea Vixen FAW2 before later converting to the F-4K Phantom before returning to fly the hunter with the Naval Flying Standards Flight before leaving the Royal Navy in 1973. His log book currently stands at over 120 aircraft types from a Bleriot to the Russian MiG-29 and Su-27 Flanker. Display aircraft include the Bleriot, Manning Flanders, Fokker Eindecker, Sopwith Camel, Morane Saulnier “N” Type and 230, Stampe, Yak11, Fiat G46, Spitfire and Hawker Hunter of course.

The Future 

Miss Demeanour has now been sold and transported to Canada where she will start a new life with Lortie Aviation Inc where she will be used to provide tactical combat training to the Canadian Armed Forces the United States and France.